Vineyards: Shypoke Vineyard

Our Napa Valley Charbono grapes are grown at Shypoke Vineyard in Calistoga. This Estate was first turned to grape production in 1904 by the Heitz Family.

The founders’ grandchild, Peter Heitz, farms this stunning piece of land today with his family, and  the Charbono vines found here are an uncommon example of this delectably enigmatic grape varietal, not very often grown nowadays.

We selected this particular grape for our first red wine, which was born as a tribute to one of our favorite red wines, Amarone, typically crafted in Friuli’s neighboring land, Veneto. We found the ideal candidate for this project in the large and thick-skinned Charbono berries.

Situated in the Calistoga AVA, this vineyard enjoys the typical Northern Napa Valley micro-climate with a stronger diurnal temperature variation that naturally paces the maturation process. There also is more concentration of volcanic soils on this end on the Valley, which besides providing mineral nutrients, allow for better drainage, less vegetative growth and more focused intensity in the fruit.

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