Our Wines

Arbe Garbe 2019

We focus on the production of unadulterated wines inspired by our native land Friuli, Italy. Our winemaking process reflects a deep personal belief that like the food we eat, the wine we enjoy should come from uncontaminated sources and be minimally processed. Our wines are suitable for vegan and non-toxic lifestyles.

Arbe Garbe

Arbe Garbe is Friulian for the “bad weeds” which are often used, there like here, as cover crops. Our main label was born in 2007 as a blend of white grapes inspired by the great white wines we have known and loved back in Friuli.

The blend is never quite the same, so every Vintage remains a surprise. This assures as honest an interpretation as possible of each specific Vintage and at the same time allows us to keep experimenting.

The packaging and the label artwork continuously vary as well, according to the ebbs and flows of inspiration, and are part of the same the creative process that originates the wines themselves.


This name is rooted in our traditional pagan culture. The Benandants were said to be vagabond shamans, born “with their shirt on”, or wrapped in their placentas, which infused them with their healing powers.

According to the legend, the Benandants were repeatedly sighted in the Valleys of the Natisone River, wandering at night in the woods by the shores, fighting witches and evil spirits, protecting farmers and their crops.

All of our labels artwork is credited to the Winemaker himself. While wine may not be medicine–maybe–it is our hope that these wines will work their magic with the mending power of their folk spirits!